ADCO Mosque Partial Opening

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May 21, 2017

ADCO Mosque Partial Opening

ADCO Mosque Partial Opening in Abu Dhabi UAE 29 Nov 2017

Right in the heart of the capital under the magical sun rays, the architectural icon ADCO Mosque is located where the art entwines with the exceptional comfort.


The Partial Opening was attended by ADNOC’s CEO Seif Ahmed Al Ghafli, Makan’s CEO Mohamed Alwan and Makan’s COO Mazin Fadhil on November 29, 2017.

The architectural concept is based on the LIGHT.


At Daytime prayers, the glass walls will allow the natural sunlight to come through and give the mosque an appearance of an orchard, giving the worshippers depth and privacy to carry out their prayers in a peaceful atmosphere without artificial lighting.

At night time prayers, the mosque resembles a lantern, radiant but without a flame, providing the worshippers with a soft and serene manner of lighting.

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