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    Business Bay Mosque

    • TaskDesign, Supervision


    Dubai, UAE


    CLIENT: Dubai Properties

    BUILT AREA: 1,600 sq.m

    PROJECT STATUS: Construction Stage

    SCOPE OF SERVICE: Design Architect, Engineering, supervision


    The Design concept of the mosque was inspired by the Islamic philosophy towards human and existence, body, and spirit, physical and non-physical existence. This duality was reflected on different scales of the concept starting from the urban scale and down to every single detail in the interior design.

    Three cubical masses were to generate the metamorphosis of the spiritual part of the mosque. The three main cubes were set on the site boundary geometry and articulated with traditional masonry materials. Also carried the services function of the mosque (ablution, washrooms, Imam and Moethen residences) reflecting the physical part of the mosque.

    Where the second three cubes morphs from the original layout following Mecca orientation instead of the site and articulated with white reflective materials. Frameless glass to present transparency language used to reflect the spiritual aspect of praying.

    The contradiction in the composition demonstrates the two aspects of physical and non-physical aspects in human and will help the prayers to transit from working atmosphere towards the meditation environment of praying.